Rehabilitate, Heal, Be Well!

West Michigan Rehabilitation
21st Century Wellness helps to empower your natural healing abilities.

•Rehabilitate from pain, accidents, injuries, and surgeries.
•Heal physical, emotional, mental traumas, syndromes, and conditions.
•Be well in body, mind and spirit.


Where there's a will there's a way

- Do you have sports injuries or accidents, recent or from the past?
- Do you have pain, aches, tightness, numbness, tingling, or weakness?
- Do you have back, knee, hip, shoulder, or neck pain?
- Don't digest well, or have food issues?
- Do you have ADD or ADHD?
- Suffer from depression, anxiety or emotional, mental or physical trauma?
- Do you have a dysfunction of any kind?
- Do you have headaches, migraines, concussions or TMJ dysfunction?
- Do you have illnesses, sicknesses, or a chronic condition?
- Do you want to be well?
- Do you want to live free, happy, with love, joy, play and ease?

It is all possible and is up to you. Read on to find out how…

Maybe you feel the need to just calm your anxiety, your depression, ADD/ADHD, other behavioral issues or maybe... you just want to become more fit, stronger, healthier, and happier.

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Help to restore your healing potential naturally

Let Therapist Emilia Be a Part of Your Healing Journey

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There is always a way

All situations, conditions, and ages are welcome

Whatever your situation or condition - good health, discomfort, poor health, total dysfunction - whatever your age - child, teen or advanced adult - there is always a way! You can rehabilitate from pain.


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Everyone's situation is different and therefore each person is treated with an approach that is unique.

Wellness Therapy

Let Emilia heal your body, mind and spirit through various wellness therapies designed just for you.


Not sure what to expect? We break down your first, second, and subsequent visits.

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She look forward to hearing from you via email, phone, text, or online form. Contact her today.


Free-Of-Charge Phone Consultation - Up to 25 minutes (616) 813-2864

  I am so very thankful and am forever indebted to Dr. Barbour whose work, dedication, caring and sharing of his acquired knowledge and healing abilities have enabled me to practice as I do. Most of what I currently practice is directly due to his teachings.