Wellness Modalities

Holistic-Natural Health Consults

for the BODY

Movement, Motion and Exercise Rehab
Movement, Motion and Exercise Rehab

The therapist's experiences:
Ballet dancer since childhood.
Manual Medicine & Massage Therapy exercises.
10 years of Pilates.
5 years of Karate.
8 years in Argentine Tango and a few years of Swing, Salsa and Yoga.
True interest, joy, 'play' and HEALTHY COMPETITION WITHIN, is essential in order for each of us to obtain the benefits of exercise.

Imagine the following:
• Discover your true love, joy and interests in movement.
• Therapist will move along side client for guidance and support.
• Walk in the park, on trails or beaches, dance to your music of choice, play a few sets of tennis, run/ walk on trails, lie on the floor as you stretch, flex and flow, etc.
• Feel safe and secure with proper technique.
• No pain or negative tension.

Whole-Foods/Eating/Supplement Guidance
Whole-Foods/Eating/Supplement Guidance

Basically, we are in large part, what and how we eat!
• Any tension around dieting, weight, foods?
• Bloat, have gas, pain and/ or have a lack of energy after meals?
• Do you know what diet and foods are best for YOU?
• Acne, or psoriasis rule your world?
• Are you dissatisfied with your body image?
• Is there stress related to food buying, prepping and eating?

With the Zone, Atkins, South Beach, French Paradox, Paleo, Vegan, Macrobiotic, Vegetarian, Eat for your Blood Type, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dr. Weil , Dr. Ornish, Raw Foods diets, and MANY more, it can be very confusing!

Get to a place of enjoying what you eat, feeling energized and being healthy. Learn to listen to your body, to trust what it tells you about food and eating SO YOU CAN ENJOY FOOD AND EATING!

• Find the best foods for you; learn how to eat with joy and calm.
• Be accompanied through various local markets.
• Have someone help cook your meals.
• Therapist listens, asks some general questions, may perform some basic bodywork, may accompany client along to the store and on cooking jaunts if desired. Includes emotional and mental exercises.

Emotional Release Techniques
Emotional Release Techniques

Emotions are part of us all and they NEED to be expressed if we want to be happy and well!! Let us release them so we can be free! Studying Osteopathy, Bodywork and Wellness in general, one finds out pretty quickly how important our emotions are for our whole health!

Imagine a combination of the following to help you to freedom:

• Bodywork
• Breath work
• Emotional Release Exercises

for the MIND

Mind Renewal

The human mind directs the body. The mind controls the short and long-term functioning and the eventual structuring of the entire human body. Through the flow, agility, rate, absorption and composition of hormones, cerebrospinal fluid, neurons, neurotransmitters, peptides, etc., the human body will shift over time. We can do a lot to influence this marvelous matrix! The therapist's studies in Osteopathy/Manual Medicine, wellness, graduate courses in holistic health care, psychology and pre-med have all shaped her knowledge of mind-body health.

  • Your mind-body will thank you after doing the following:

    • Bodywork for stress-relief
    • Guided meditation
    • Affirmations
    • Reading/ listening to books/ articles about mind-body

for the SPIRIT


Bodywork Therapy

There are over 100 types of Bodywork therapies!!! Massage Therapy, Manual Medicine and Craniosacral Therapy are 3 types the therapist is trained to use. Unless directed by a patient's physician or client, the therapist will use her discretion to decide which treatments best suit the person before her.

Massage Therapy (MT)

Traditional Swedish Massage is rarely used by the therapist since she has seen many more permanent results with the Bodywork Therapy modalities listed here. Nevertheless, rare times, literally a few strokes may be a positive addition to the overall aim.

Manual Medicine (MM)

"The Art & Science of Using the Hands to Evaluate and Treat Disease."
-Dr. Barbour, D.O., FAAPMR, FAOCRM.

Manual Medicine Technicians (MMT) are trained to work with the Muscles, the (Myo)Fascia, the Bones/Joints , the Viscera and with the Cranium.

MM releases the body from strain; this will help to improve tension, motion and flow. The therapist matches the pressure and direction coming from the pressure points within the patient's body.

People suffering from a host of neuromusculoskeletal, metabolic, immune, endocrine and therefore behavioral issues can greatly improve with Manual Medicine. Sometimes it takes a long time to heal, sometimes a short while. Either way, rest assured that the body certainly balances and recovers from many conditions and ailments when stress, tension and structural dysfunction are lifted.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

The following also originates from the Osteopathic physicians. It is a specialty within the Osteopathic tradition of manual work:

CST is also an art and science with a more specific scope of releasing tensions that result from dysfunction within the craniosacral system. The following work is executed as taught by the Upledger Institute.

Release of tension usually occurs within the craniosacral system. The bones, membranes and nerves which are most closely associated with the brain and spinal cord, all the way down to the coccyx bone, are the typical target areas. Touch is primarily at the torso, cranium and sacrum; it is gentle and targeted towards motion of the bones and tissues in response to the pressure wave of the cerebral spinal fluid (CSF). People experiencing the same neuromusculoskeletal and behavioral issues as described above can often derive great benefit from this type of work.

Stretch/ROM/Breathing/Strength Exercises

Stretching and breathing exercises are an often overlooked component of physical health! It is very important to stretch daily and to do breathing exercises; these exercises stretch, tug and pull on our muscles, our fascia, organs, and therefore our circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems as well. This greater movement, range of motion and length for our bodies translates into: improvement in the general functioning of muscle groups and associated fascia, improved gait, improved circulation of lymph and blood, improved nerve conduction, better digestion and elimination, more effective breathing. This gives rise to more available oxygen which in turn gives more energy to each cell via better metabolic pathway functioning..... and it goes on and on. Exercises are recommended to everyone regardless of condition.

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  I am so very thankful and am forever indebted to Dr. Barbour whose work, dedication, caring and sharing of his acquired knowledge and healing abilities have enabled me to practice as I do. Most of what I currently practice is directly due to his teachings.