Wellness Modalities

Holistic-Natural Health Consults

for the BODY

Movement, Motion and Exercise Rehab
Movement & Motion

We are naturally meant to move in ways that give us joy! Our bodies work best when structures are free, open, flexible, strong.

So… MOVE TO YOUR GROOVE… let Therapist Emilia BE A PART OF YOUR JOURNEY IN MOTION or let her help you FIND YOUR GROOVE: nature walks, beach walks, running, tennis, stretching, flexing and flowing with Therapist Emilia as support, guide and companion.

Whole-Foods/Eating/Supplement Guidance
Whole Foods/ Supplement Guidance

Our bodies' molecules recognize vitamins, minerals, carbs, proteins and fats in their most natural, pure and wild forms. This enables the best digestion, giving us energy, healing, growth, development, etc.

Therapist Emilia helps make your eating experience: a sheer pleasure, completely suiting your lifestyle, meet your health needs and your budget.

Emotional Release Techniques
Emotional Release

Human survival is impossible without emotions. Emotions are our instincts, motivation and the capacity to process experiences from the being and doing.

Learn to express emotions in a healthy way, leading us to be balanced, calm, yet ready to 'run the gauntlet' when we so choose or when it is required.

for the MIND

Mind Renewal

Our minds are POWERFUL!!! The chemicals our brains release control our bodies. So the more we positively effect the deepest recesses of our minds---the more we are free. Have Therapist Emilia help you reprogram your unconscious software so you are truly free and in bliss.


for the SPIRIT


Bodywork Therapy

If our bodies' structures (tissues, bones, fascia, muscles, organs, glands) absorb forces, they can also release them.

Massage Therapy (MT)

Traditional Swedish Massage is sometimes used to illicit some relaxation and circulation.

Manual Medicine (MM)

"The Art & Science of Using the Hands to Evaluate and Treat Disease."
-Dr. Barbour, D.O., FAAPMR, FAOCRM.

Our bodies hold the secrets to healing. We can feel for those areas that are tense, tight, hard, shifted, pulled, twisted, thickened, bent, scarred---areas holding various types of energy----and apply a pressure with a specific direction that can release many of the physical, emotional, mental imbalances, old, new, severe, mild.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

The craniosacral system is a network encompassing our brain and spine—nerves, fluids, glands and other closely associated structures are included. By applying direct energy and touch to the system's components, our bodies and minds can also shift in amazing ways.

Free-Of-Charge Phone Consultation - Up to 25 minutes (616) 813-2864

  I am so very thankful and forever grateful to Dr. Barbour, whose work, dedication, caring and sharing of his acquired knowledge and healing abilities have enabled me to practice as I do. Much of what I currently practice is directly due to his teachings.