Cold & Flu Be Gone
Do we really know all the detailed factors which cause each person's sickness or health?

Not really. The question is broad with many variables, would require years of study, which would require loads of funding and it is uncertain as to whether science could pin-point individual reasons down to a 'T'. However, we do know a good deal about certain facets of our intrinsic being. There is a natural and inverse relationship between stress and the immune system which is exploited by the medical establishment: the higher the stress, the lower the functioning of the immune system. During organ transplants, surgeons often administer stress-inducing drugs to ensure that the body's own natural defense mechanisms are on a short recess in order to quell an initial donor organ rejection reaction.

  • See Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD, discussing the reactions of stress on the body in more detail:

There are some good longitudinal studies in the area of stress, diet and exercise that show how different choices in these areas can change our genetic expression and our health outcomes, over time. The NIH has done some studies on complementary and integrative health. Many abstracts can be found at:

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Our minds control our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. Our minds and hearts control our stress triggers, responses, choices and actions. Check out this video on the connection between the heart and mind.

The more we work with the mind and the heart, the more we affect changes in our day to day living: our choices of food, our choices of response to people, our choices of what, how and why we do what we do in life. As we learn to access, listen to and help program our heart-mind inner dimension, the more we shall be organically determined, aligned, at peace and therefore, more immune to stress, and by extension, harbor an increased potential for health.

There are also purely physical means we can implore to help facilitate a strong body-mind---certain manual therapy techniques can directly aid our immune systems' functioning. There are foods, herbs, supplements and exercises that all greatly enhance our systems to maintain health, naturally.

A combination of mind-heart-body meditations, affirmations, therapeutic manual techniques, exercises, consultation on foods, herbs and supplements, constitute this service.

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  I am so very thankful and forever grateful to Dr. Barbour, whose work, dedication, caring and sharing of his acquired knowledge and healing abilities have enabled me to practice as I do. Much of what I currently practice is directly due to his teachings.