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Specializing in Natural & Holistic Health Consulting and Bodywork Therapy

21st Century Wellness knows that everyone's situation is different and therefore each person is treated with an approach that is unique to that person's needs. 21st Century Wellness specializes in Natural Health Consulting and Bodywork Therapy.



  • I experienced great relief with Emilia's work!!! I was so concerned about my hand's injury that had been going on for 3 months and getting worse. I was worried since my work requires the use of both hands. I was prepared to see a physician since it bothered me daily----- I could not hold or lift anything with my Right hand. In one 20 minute session and 3 weeks later of time, the pain was gone, the strength had returned. Thank you very much!
    Rafael S.G.


what do we do?

Holistic-Natural Health Consults

The totality of one's daily life, day after day, accumulates to become one's future. One's patterns---thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, choices and actions have future effects. The therapist is trained to see how one's image of self and life correlates with the clients' issues, concerns, hopes and dreams. The therapist's playful, empathic, life-affirming and supportive disposition of her own, makes the latest therapies, the cool modalities, the refreshing tools all the more effective-- ultimately--- harnessing the power of one's individual potential-- creating an even more balanced, fulfilled, satisfying life.

BEING WELL comes from principles associated with the quality of man's relationship to self, to others and to the natural world (the planet and universe). These principles originate in part from religions, spiritual and ancient healing traditions such as Native American Medicine, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine and MANY more systems--- yet more recently, also from science---physiology, chemistry, physics and biology. Today there is 'evidence' for many of these long-held beliefs, rituals, traditions, practices and modalities. BEING WELL means that one's body is both relaxed, at ease, yet ready to 'run the gauntlet'---all at the minds command--- that one's mind is lucid, relaxed and open and that one's spirit---one's heart and soul--- are 'listened to and followed'. It is believed that BEING WELL means these 3 dimensions are easily 'accessed' by the individual, that they function effortlessly and are in energetic harmony. This makes for self-aware, self-actualized, joyous, happy, fulfilled individuals!

Bodywork Therapy

The therapist is trained to work gently on the body and looks to release tensions (physical, mental, emotional) throughout the entire system--- at the muscles, fascia, bones, joints, cranium, organs--- thereby often affecting the autonomic nervous system, metabolic and endocrine systems. A decrease in tension leads to an increase in motion, flow and a re-positioning of the entire body's tissues. This can greatly increase the functioning of one's physiology, alleviate pain, change mood, mental capacity and energy levels. The human emotions and one's overall mental state plays a large role in one's future, resulting structure, either giving reprieve or loading up the system even more. Bodywork Therapy helps to ameliorate all these dimensions.


About Emilia

  1. B.A. in Italian

    from Louisiana St. University

  2. Graduate Certificate in Holistic Health Care

    from Western Michigan University

  3. 1000 hour Diploma in Therapeutic Massage

    is a Licensed Massage Therapist

  4. Manual Medicine Technician (6-time) course graduate

    from a prominent Michigan Osteopath with physician guided clinic shadowing/mentoring

  5. completing Craniosacral Therapy courses

    through the Upledger Institute with certification expected in 2016

  6. Successful completion of Pre-Med biomedical science coursework for entry into medical school

    accepted to Masters in Biomedical Science programs & Naturopathic Doctor medical school

  7. Certified Bodywork Therapist

    with the Associated Bodywork Therapy & Massage Professionals (ABMP)organization

  8. Over the past 14 years she has

    worked for/at a spa, a chiropractor, a hospital community clinic, an Osteopathic physician, a physical therapy clinic and as a self-employed therapist

  9. She has experience in related areas:

    compiled research in alternative medicine, has published an article on a Michigan holistic spa, has tutored at GRCC in chemistry and physics, has volunteered with the West Michigan Therapy Dogs Inc., has volunteered with Girls Inc., a non-profit organization for girls at risk

Ms. Emilia loves this work for it is very exciting, interesting and fulfilling! Even though her clients range from those with minimal dysfunction all the way to those who barely function, for Emilia, this is TOTAL PLAY, allowing the laws of science, nature and universe to direct her hands, she is fully present with each client, thus enabling releases to occur, ultimately sculpting the mind-body matrix into a higher dimension---TOTAL COOL!! In Consult sessions, her energetic, empathetic, fun-loving approach, sets the tone, mood and easily inspires clients to ease into their bodies, minds and hearts--giving them unique perspectives, reassurances, skill sets and ultimately an expanded, new and improved dimension of WELLNESS!! She sees both the CONSULTS and the BODYWORK THERAPIES have helped her clients/patients overcome pain and dysfunction, leaving people healthier and thus happier.

Ms. Emilia spends much of her free time participating in the following mind-body activities: Meditation, Pilates, Guided Imagery, Argentine Tango, Salsa & Swing Dancing, Yoga, Outdoor Walking & Gardening.


Free-Of-Charge Phone Consultation - Up to 25 minutes (616) 813-2864

  I am so very thankful and am forever indebted to Dr. Barbour whose work, dedication, caring and sharing of his acquired knowledge and healing abilities have enabled me to practice as I do. Most of what I currently practice is directly due to his teachings.